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It really works!

Joy Daglish, Group Financial Controller - Precise Communications Manchester

I had 18 months still to run on a Mercedes C Class. Swap-a-Lease connected Precise with the Pentan Partnership a leading firm of Architects based in Cardiff.

Joy told us. "When we were introduced to the concept of Swap-a-Lease we were very interested in the potential savings, however being naturally cautios about new ideas we proceeded carefully, in hindsight we need not have worried. Practically the process was easy to follow and with support and guidance from the Swap-a-Lease team, the deal took only a few weeks to complete."

Norman Robson-Smith Pentan Partnership Cardiff

"I can't believe that this hasn't been done before. It is a great concept and it really works! We benefited from a well-presented car, a great rental, a short lease commitment without paying a deposit. I can thoroughly recommend Swap-a-Lease it really worked for us."

With the choice of car leases growing daily Swap a Lease offers a real win-win outcome. It provides car leasing buyers, sellers and suppliers with choice, ease and value.

Pete Smith - Videophones247 - May 2005

When a colleague told me his Mercedes was from Swap-a-Lease and he didnt have to find a deposit. I was on it like a flash. I got a great deal on a car lease with only a few months left to run. I had to pick it up from London but it was well worth the train journey. The drive back was phenomenal. I am always on the look out for a deal and Swap-a-lease will now be on the radar when I am ready for a change. I like nice cars and get bored easily so it really works for me. I think the bloke I took the lease over from was really relieved too!

Harry Richardson - Your Comms - June 2005

I've ordered several new cars from Car Partners over the years, when they helped me to dispose of several surplus car leases through Swap-a-Lease I wondered if they could also find them... the perfect Merdcedes CLK Coupe contract came along ... now I have short term BMW while I wait for the next deal to come along ... great job lads!

Dr Hugh Browne - IBM Business Consulting - Oct 2005

My first car lease through Swap-a-Lease came to an end this month.

I had recived quotes on cars from other leasing companies but decided to take a new SLK 350 from Swap-a-Lease. The service although in it's infancy is a no brainer! 2 car leases so far and no problems - 10/10.

Ray P - Accountant Manchester - October 2005

My client lost his driving licence and was faced with a bill for terminating his lease early of several hundred pounds. We advertised his Chrysler Crossfire on Swap-a-Lease and found a buyer in under 2 weeks the car is being handed over this weekend. We saved our client several hundred pounds... that's what we do.





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